Cheryl Cole has explained why she left daughter

Виктория Дайнеко объяснила, почему оставила дочь The young woman went on tour, when its successor was not two months. Many fans Daineko was surprised by the act of a celebrity. Victoria recently spoke about the reasons why she so early to go back to work.

      29-year-old Victoria Dayneko – the mother of a charming girl, whose name is celebrity prefer to keep secret. The heiress of the singer came to light in October last year. Fans of the actress were surprised that Dayneko decided not to stay on maternity leave and returned to work several weeks after the baby is born. Recently, Victoria told why started so early to speak. According to the young woman, she loves her family, but music is a significant part of her life, which makes Dayneko happy.

      Cheryl Cole threw a party for my daughter

      “I went on tour when the baby turned two months. I love to sing and do not want one day, looking at my daughter to understand that you’ve lost yourself. To create a family, then to deny themselves everything, is wrong. On the contrary, the family is richer and does not preclude the fact that you value the most in life. I know a lot of people who are engaged in unloved business to feed his family. So I appreciate the fact that the work brings me pleasure, and thank the Universe… I think as long as I live, I have to sing. This is my calling, however pathetic it may sound,” shared Victoria Dayneko with the media.

      In the interview the actress also revealed why she’s so possessive about his private life. Victoria admitted that she does not want anyone to share her details, especially in Instagram. Once a neighbor on the landing photographed the star with the heir and sent pictures of Victoria in direct. Angry Dayneko very sharply replied the woman, forcing Tu to remove these materials.

      In addition, after the birth of her daughter, the celebrity has become spending more time at home. In recognition Dayneko, it has changed dramatically, becoming a mother. Now Victoria is not very often attends social events. The actress prefers to spend time with the heir instead of to have fun at the next get-together or party.

      The celebrity also said that it is easy enough for deducing from itself. This occurs if something starts to go wrong. “I can be like the worst nightmare and candy – so sweet, that vomiting is what I’m good at. I’m fast, impatient and always ahead of demand to have time for me”, – shared Victoria TopBeauty.