Cheryl Cole has compared prices for kindergartens with tuition at MGIMO

Виктория Дайнеко сравнила цены на детсады со стоимостью обучения в МГИМО

In October last year, Cheryl Cole first became a mother. Daughter of the singer will soon be only a year old, and a caring mother is already thinking about where her child’s first education and skills for democratic communication.

Dayneko started looking for a suitable for children of kindergarten and was faced with a big problem – the cost of training.

As it turned out, the enrollment of the child in a more or less respectable institution is more expensive than training at MGIMO.

“I once thought that MGIMO is expensive. Then he learned that the kindergarten (private and generally not the best) in a year is two times more expensive,” complained the ex-participant of “factory of stars”.

After reading this post, the followers of the star in the social network was divided into two camps – some recommended that the singer not skimp on education, others noted that all kindergartens are the same and differ only in name and name (not rarely star) of the founder.

However, after reading all the comments, Vika answered with one message: “I do think that in kindergartens one infection. Whether it is private or public. But the educational sessions is another matter.

While Dayneko affects the cost of the child’s learning in kindergarten, recall, how much to pay Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva for the education of their crumbs.

The monthly fee for Harry and Lisa is more than 600 thousand rubles.

“What you invest this huge amount?”, surely, you ask.

It turned out, the kindergarten has a special bias — children there is developing in a creative way, i.e., study multiple languages, drawing, dance, playing musical instruments, choral singing, and many others.