Cheryl Cole got into an altercation with fans, calling them “brainless”

Виктория Дайнеко поскандалила с фанатами, назвав их «безмозглыми»
The singer responded sharply to the criticism.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

Victoria Dayneko today “broke” on their own fans. Artist in quite harshly replied to criticism of her figure. Fans worrying for the health of Victoria, often suspect his idol anorexia. In some angles slender Daineko looks a little painful, sure of her followers.

The opinion they Express without hesitation: “Vika! Why are you so thin? Became anorexic. Urgently to eat!” Such comments are not likely to come to someone like. So Dayneko patience ran out and she has published an angry appeal to those who wrote similar comments.

“People who write this, you’re seriously so brainless? You have some extremes! “Fat” “anorexic” and stuff like that. You their complexes put them back where get fun. I feel great! More! I first got my native weight was before pregnancy. And if 3 months ago I weighed 48 kg, now place all of my 55 with the growth 161см and you go to the forest. Oh yeah. If I was a fan of the cow’s udder, would have long since sewn it myself, but no, not mine. So criticize his image in the mirror, and keep away from me. I feel good. Better than ever! Therefore, all love! And Your negativity is seriously disfigures you and your life, but not mine!” — says Victoria.

Recall that now, BC is on the verge of divorce. Victoria’s husband — Dmitry Kleiman not long ago filed for divorce from the star’s wife, but the process is not yet completed. Spouses have a difficult task: it is necessary to establish rules of communication, with their common daughter.