Виктория Дайнеко плачет из-за отношений экс-супруга с дочерью The singer believes that the ex-husband Dmitry Kleiman devotes little time to the child. This behavior of the musician is very frustrating Victoria Daineko. In the end, the father replaces the girl’s grandfather. The artist is grateful to friends and family for support.
Виктория Дайнеко плачет из-за отношений экс-супруга с дочерью

Last week Cheryl Cole celebrated birthday. The singer turned 31. According to some, after a divorce with drummer Dmitry Kleiman actress has found a new love. Victoria prefers not to talk about the new chosen one, believing that happiness loves silence. We only know that the beloved singer is not working in the field of show business. Recently, the star gave an interview in which he told about his personal life, relationship with ex-husband role in the TV series “Catch the crew”.

In October last year daughter Victoria turned two. Victoria deliberately not share on social networks photos of the child, wanting to protect her from unnecessary attention and unnecessary gossip. According to Victoria, an ex-husband deals with the heiress, because she understands the importance of the role of the father in the upbringing of children. However, Kleiman pays not much time the girl was Daineko. The situation is genuinely upsetting the performer.

“She sees with my dad, but, unfortunately, not as often as I would like them to be. And she now needed dad more and more. And it makes me cry because I think the daughter deserves a better father. Not somebody who comes to her for two hours, makes a selfie with her and then disappears for a month and a half, blaming me that I do not give him to see the child”, – shared the singer with journalists.

Relatives of Victoria doted at the little girl and I love to spend free time. The attitude of relatives strongly encourages the singer.

“I am sure that she will be okay. If the Pope does not consider it necessary to communicate with the daughter, we’ll figure something out. Will find a way. She has a wonderful grandpa who is always there – shared the actress. – I think that’s more important than the presence of a number of good men that will show you what should be the relationship of man with woman, shows that there is love and care”.

During the conversation with journalists Victoria also admitted that he has no regrets. The singer has learned from what happened to her. In addition, Dayneko noted that in any conflict both sides are to blame. If the artist need to be protected, it is ready to carry the defense. “And to talk about what in his words is true and what is not, is not for publication. It is for lawyers in court, so if worse comes to worse”, – quotes celebrity “Telenedelya”.

We will remind that Victoria Dayneko legalized relationship with musician Dmitry Kleiman in April 2015. In October of the same year, the couple had a daughter together. Last year, the couple divorced.