Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman divorced

Виктория Дайнеко и Дмитрий Клейман развелись

Singer Victoria Dayneko officially terminated their marriage with Dmitry Kleiman. The guys announced the news on social networks, where already celebrating freedom from the bonds of marriage.

Виктория Дайнеко и Дмитрий Клейман развелись

On September 19, the court formally pronounced a sentence of divorce between Victoria Daineko and Dmitry Kleiman. Girl put a photo on instagram where she keeps her passport. “Accept congratulations! Ridiculous story called “marriage” officially over, and I’m finally free,” signed his post girl. As we can see, the singer is very happy that now it is nothing to do with her ex-husband.

Not all fans supported the choice of Victoria, indicating that during the marriage the couple had a daughter. Because of these comments she soon changed the caption under the photo. “Accept congratulations! No need to envy so much,” he decided to respond to the commentators.

Виктория Дайнеко и Дмитрий Клейман развелись

Drummer Dmitry Kleiman decided not to give former and also commented on the divorce. He, unlike singer, thanked the ex-wife donated a beautiful daughter. “Unfortunately or fortunately, our paths diverged with you! Thank you for your daughter, she’s the best. Thanks for everything,” says the drummer. Fans supported him saying, wishing happiness and good luck in finding new love. They hope that Dmitry will meet the only one that will be really happy in a long marriage.

Victoria also put up a few ambiguous story, which fans associated with ex-husband. “Awkward moment when the PR is over, but the last car I want to jump.” says the girl on a black background.

About problems in marriage, the pair became known in April of this year. The young man clearly had wronged his sweetheart, which she posted a sad message. “When from 14.04 to further joint life fit was only the dress. All the best ahead. And I’m positive as ever. All to himself, including I wish you love and hugs,” wrote Daineko.

Later, the actress had gained strength and was able to tell the press about problems in the marriage. The guys really had a lot of fights, which Dmitry took the things and left before the New year. “Dima argued with reason and without reason. Now don’t even want to remember… We just clung to each other, no one wanted to give up. I’m not one of those girls who keep quiet and hope the man himself will realize that it is not satisfied. So I dime all expressed directly and in paints. Was hoping it would help solve the problem that he will hear me and something will change. But it was only a quarrel. Often, the conflict started Dima. He was very jealous of me for my past…”, says Victoria.