Cheryl Cole accused her husband of infidelity with a friend

Виктория Дайнеко обвинила мужа в измене с подругой The actress shared a revelation on the page in a social network. Cheryl Cole made it clear that faced with betrayal by those close to her. Previously, the star has already hinted at the fact that the family broke up because of the slutty wife.
Виктория Дайнеко обвинила мужа в измене с подругой

Cheryl Cole tries not to discuss personal life with fans in a social network, but its fans often ask her questions about her breakup with her husband Dmitry Kleiman. Woman out of answers and almost never commented on their relationship. In a recent interview the actress explained that fierce quarrel without a cause did not allow them to live in peace. Victoria Dayneko frankly told him how ruined her marriage

The star has repeatedly hinted that was very jealous of some of the actions of Dimitri. For example, one day she brought a photo of a friend, which she found in the phone chosen. In the picture, the emphasis was placed on the chest of the girl. Victoria scandal wife to understand the situation. But then the conflict was settled.

A few hours ago on the page in social network Dayneko told about the betrayal of a loved one. In the post, which appeared in the account of the singer, she hinted that she really trusted this girl who in the end really bonded with Kleiman. Victoria sharply expressed in the address of a former friend.

Under the last of the BC was followed by the active discussion of her records. “Even after photos with breast, where she showed a new blouse, it became clear that this is not a friend but an enemy,” he supported Vick, one of podeschi. The actress answered in her characteristic ironic way: “But, apparently, learned the drums to play, tried so hard, ran to his lessons.”

Recently, Kleiman with friends opened a school, where he teaches everyone the basic techniques of playing percussion instruments. The business has successfully started, so in the future, the musician will create branches. According to the drummer, he tries to do everything to the daughter nothing needed.

“Personally, there are teaching, giving private lessons and master classes, plan to soon expand. Students already have enough. All this in the first place, in order to make the daughter happy. When you grow up, will think, what she would become: a singer, like mom, or maybe an actress, athlete or… the President!” – said Kleiman.

Husband of Victoria Daineko for the first time after a breakup: “I’m really missing your daughter”

Dmitry was never told why he broke up their family. The drummer chose not to give out secrets about their personal lives, only noting that it is not going to rectify the situation. Kleiman claims that they agreed to take turns spending time with the baby, so she was not deprived of the attention of both parents.