Cherished dream of Gennady Khazanov came true after 55 years!

Заветная мечта Геннадия Хазанова сбылась через 55 лет!
People’s artist announced this publicly.

Arkady Raikin, which Khazanov considers his teacher (he was inspired by his performances in childhood), on behalf of one of the characters said: “Let it be.
But let something not enough!” So in the life of Gennady Viktorovich and left. He has achieved literally everything, was
a successful actor, he voiced your favorite cartoons, participated in
the most popular television projects, acted with great skits, led
Moscow Variety Theatre, has earned the title of national artist And famous…
the number about students “kulinarnogo College,” by which he was known and loved by all
country, was born when he studied in MISI named after Kuibyshev, where he participated in
Amateur. And it was only later, after the Institute’s initiative was a Public school
circus and variety arts, working as an entertainer in the orchestra by Leonid
Utesov and performances in Mosconcert as a stand up comedian… But all
the life of the beloved actor left “osadochek”: indeed, in the IISS Khazanov received only because after school… wasn’t
admitted to the “Pike”! Although passionately wanted to go on stage of the Vakhtangov theatre! ”
The Vakhtangov school I said: you have no humorand
temperament! laughing remembered Gennady Viktorovich. — And finally, my
the dream seems to come true — after 55 years!”

As it turned out, Vakhtangov proposed Khazanov one of the main roles in the new play by Rimas Tuminas “False note”. Gennady will play it together with Alexei Guskov. Both artists have already started
the rehearsals. It is the play “the False note” on the play by Didier Caron (of course, it will be a version Tuminas) will open next, the 98th season of the theatre named
Vakhtangov — 15 September 2018.

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