Cher mentioned ex-husband Gregg Allman

Шер помянула бывшего мужа Грегга Оллмана

In 70m year of life has died the founder of the legendary band the Allman Brothers Band Gregg Allman is included in the list of the hundred greatest artists of all times and peoples. The musician, who was the former husband of the famous singer cher, died on Saturday in Savannah, Georgia.

Шер помянула бывшего мужа Грегга Оллмана

It is reported that in the last few years Gregg has experienced the suffering associated with many diseases. Life rocker was difficult and far from hygienic. In 2007, he contracted hepatitis, stuffing another tattoo in a sketchy salon. In 2010, he underwent the transplant, but later experienced problems with the liver, and in 2016 – the problem with the throat.
With cher they have got an enchanting novel. Singer popped up to marry him while in the heat of passion. After just three days after her divorce from first husband Sonny Bono, she went to Las Vegas with my friend Gregg, and there probably being drunk, officially registered marriage with a musician. A week later she demanded a divorce, but Allman to persuade her to try a family life with her. She agreed and it soon came to light their son Elijah, as well as a collaborative album “Allman and Woman”, but the marriage was not destined to last long and in 1979 they broke up.

On his page in the social network Sher wrote that can’t even find the words no matter how hard.
Recall that a group Allman Brothers Band Gregg founded with his brother Duane in 1969, however, after a few years later his brother died in a car accident. Since then the band has suffered many changes and from time to time ceased to exist, finally ceasing activities three years ago.

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