Cher keeps your outfits in a special refrigerator

Шер хранит свои наряды в специальном холодильнике
The legendary singer is unable to part with their dresses 40 years ago.



The legendary cher has admitted that for many years, can not get into their favorite outfits, because for a long time weighs a lot more than in the past. For example, in the 70 – and 80-ies, when the singer loved to shock the audience with their extravagant costumes on stage, she weighed 40 kilos, but now at least 60. Of course, it is recognized cher, for a long time it would be time to throw away those things that I’ll never be useful, but she is unable to part with them due to nostalgic memories. And keeps the house in a special large-sized walk-in closet, the refrigerator, where the temperature regulated.

Once in the 70 and 80 years during the heyday of her career, cher was considered almost a clown and a freak – just because of the choice of the eccentric toilets. Especially when they appeared together along with her husband, musician and producer of sono Bono. But now all in the past. Cher love that her signature style – straight long hair – with success copies Kim Kardashian. The singer tries to maintain the physical shape as her health allows. For example, her every day you can do yoga asana “front elbow”, strengthening the muscles of the body within five minutes. And the first time, and after one of the times became bad. Anyway, the pop icon does not lose interest in life and recently was reunited with a young lover, former stripper and mark Connolly. They know each other since 1991, but was periodically interrupted relationship, despite the public recognition Connolly about how amazing cher is and how terrific she is always form.