Cher has reunited with a young lover

Шер воссоединилась с молодым любовником
71-year-old singer does not bother the 22-year age difference.



Recently, reporters managed to catch cher on
a date with her boyfriend — mark Connolly. They were able to “detect” when a couple of
came out in one of the hotels
Las Vegas. Interestingly, it goes on far not a five star hotel. And
chose her lovers, of course, not accidental: they apparently believed that in this
the place hardly anyone will notice. But the paparazzi are all the hedgehog was able to catch the 71-year-old cher
to date, tracing her from her

Reporters were able to identify 49-year-old Mark
because although he is far from the cinema and show business, his photo has already appeared before
in the press. The fact that in 1993 he gave an interview to a popular edition,
after telling him about her affair with cher. He said that he first met
a singer in 1991, when she worked as a stripper. Mark excitedly touted his
mistress, claiming more passionate woman he never met for a long time.

Their affair, which lasted several
years in the ‘ 90s, broke up, recently to be renewed. As already told
Mark to one of his friends, cher, despite her age, still in
absolutely stunning shape. And to keep the figure she has spared no effort,
nor the time. Only one yoga asana — “bar” — it keeps for 5 minutes, what
not every young lady. And young lovers from cher and had
a lot. So, Tim Medvetz, whom she almost married, were younger than her
for 24 years. Handsome Rob, Camilletti —
at 18, Tom cruise, to whom the singer turned heads when he was still quite
young — at the age of 16.