Cher buried her former husband

Певица Шер похоронила бывшего мужа The actress spent her ex-husband Gregg Allman, the cult rocker and one of the founders of the legendary group The Allman Brothers Band, on his last journey. Cher was among the guests of the funeral ceremony, recently held in Southeast America.
Певица Шер похоронила бывшего мужа

Over the weekend, the singer cher attended the funeral of ex-husband Gregg Allman, the cult rock musician, founding member of Blues group The Allman Brothers Band. The funeral ceremony was held in the city of Macon, located in the state of Georgia. This place had a Greg special importance – it was there that he began his career. In addition, in the South-Eastern United States is buried the brother of the man Duane, the Creator of another legendary group.

Journalists report that Greg wanted everyone who comes to honor his memory, and were dressed informally. To bid farewell to the former spouse cher chose a black hat, a white shirt and a long skirt of dark color. Your image, the star added massive sunglasses, and a belt consisting of several belts.

“The last goodbye musical genius. He was unspoiled, shy and loving person, and a mystery to all of us. He had demons with which they fought. We all loved him,” wrote cher on Twitter.
Певица Шер похоронила бывшего мужа

In their posts, the singer also shared the emotions of the loss of a loved one. “My sadness is immense. Thank you for everything” – with these words, the celebrity turned to her ex-husband. In another article, Scheer wrote that the children of her ex-lover “simply wonderful”. According to star, she genuinely liked to talk with relatives of the Allman. “I’m so proud of them,” added the singer.

Recall that Greg Allman was the second husband of cher. Wedding artists was held in 1975. After some time cher gave wife a son named Elijah blue. The marriage of music stars lasted only four years.

Despite the fact that cher and Greg decided to part, they retained a good relationship. So after the Allman was diagnosed With hepatitis C and included in the waiting list for a liver transplant, the ex-wife supported the man. Journalists wrote that cher called to the former spouse, and wished him a speedy recovery.

“The disease began to manifest itself gradually. I was constantly tired. I had to sleep for 10-11 hours a day to play two or three hours. This is the sort of thing that gets inside and will eat away at you all the time, yet you don’t know about it,” Allman commented.

Later on the Allman was diagnosed with another serious illness. It turned out that the musician has cancer of the liver. The rocker passed away from complications arising on a background of cancer. 27 may 2017 Greg Allman passed away at his home in Savannah, Georgia.