Chelsea Clinton going into politics

Челси Клинтон собралась в политику

Watch passed-watch took. After the defeat of the candidate of the Republican party of the USA Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, which ended last week, her daughter Chelsea announced that they are ready for a political career. The daughter of former President of America bill Clinton will soon be replaced by 79-year-old Nita Lowey in Congress of the United States, representing one of the new York districts.

“The defeat of the Clintons but hardened them to surrender, they will not. They just need some time to regroup. Chelsea will be a continuation of the brand Clinton. Over the past few years Chelsea has markedly noted in the Fund of the Clintons, especially during the election campaign,” — said the insider.
The political career became closer, Chelsea along with her husband Marc Mezvinsky and two children, Charlotte and Aidan instinctively parents moved to a posh house in Chappaqua near new York. This location is very convenient for a political career. Here it is in full view of the electorate and its political attempts more visible.