Челси Клинтон и Иванка Трамп не общаются из-за родителей

Old girlfriends have become children of competitors, if not enemies. The daughter of a scandalous politician Donald trump Ivanka and Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President of the United States of America bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, participating in the presidential race this year, no more talk. The desire of parents girls to get into a cushy position in the White House led to the fact that they avoid each other.

34-year-old Ivanka and 36-year-old Chelsea became friends many years ago and to be close friends, but once started the presidential race, has decided to terminate your relationship. The publication “Politico” reports that women did not accuse each other of anything and the offense doesn’t hold – we just decided to wait out this difficult for parents to find the time at a distance.
“I’m not part of his campaign and can’t talk about politics, but I can talk about him as a child. He is a wonderful father” — said in a recent interview with Ivanka about her father.
Recall that Donald trump started the race with 2% votes of the electorate last fall, and from that time his rating is gradually increasing, despite the scandalous statements. Hillary Clinton represents the democratic party. It is considered the most viable candidate for President.

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