Chekhov spent three salary for underwear

Чехова потратила три зарплаты на нижнее белье

The presenter made a sensational recognition in Instagram.

All of the women have their quirks. Some are ready to give last money on a handbag, others on shoes, and Anfisa Chekhov – on underwear. At least so it said on his page in the microblog. Moreover, the celebrity told a very interesting story of his life, when she resigned from the channel, spent the entire salary on shopping and then sit without work and money, but with new purchases.

“I don’t have time to write that I am a fan of beautiful lingerie. Very well my degree of love for underwear reveals the story of my dismissal from the CTC when I paid required by law for three salaries, I spent most of my money down the drain on expensive underwear, and then sat without work and without money, but in the beautiful whities,” admitted Anfisa his fans.

And then he added that, despite financial difficulties, was very happy and felt beautiful. She also remembered the opinion of French women on expensive underwear.

“…The French, for example, I think that for female self-esteem is not so important what you are wearing on top as what is worn on the body and hidden from others,” concluded Chekov.

Subscribers artist immediately began to comment on her post. Most users noted that Naomi is incredibly beautiful, feminine and wise. Many thanked her for the publication and wrote that I love beautiful lingerie.

“You probably already tired to read it, but how beautiful you are. From year to year better, wiser, more feminine and prettier! I wish you continue your life journey in this way”, “You’re the best woman on the stage and in life, simply luxury,” wrote Chekhova Internet users.