Чехова гордится своим возрастом

TV presenter admitted that she liked herself now, at age 38

Many girls tend to dramatize about their age. Like, all me 30, best years behind. It is time wrapped in a sheet and crawl in the direction of the cemetery. The situation is aggravated by the opinion of the company, believes that in 25 years you’re late, 40 new job search it is useless, and 50 of personal happiness and think of nothing. All these stereotypes vehemently denies Anfisa Chekhova.

On his page in the social network presenter published his argument about the age. As it turned out, she now feels comfortable as ever. “I love my age – says Anfisa. – I was sort of incredible happiness from what I feel, you know, you know now that I am 38. I love to look at myself in the mirror and in photos. Years up to 30 I never liked, even on the best of his pictures have found something to complain about! And these complexes affect everything: my mood, on relationships with people and especially with men! Years to 30 I’m very poorly known. No, of course I knew who, I gave myself a rating, which was based largely on the opinion of important people to me, and from observing others, those who are better or worse! I now take joy in what I am, from all your movements, thoughts and processes of what is happening in me! Look at yourself in the mirror and rejoice! Not that I have the same modesty that, the voice of my mother and grandmother, told me: “it’s Not right to admire you, especially when you have so many flaws!” And I look at myself and see what is Right, you Need to Admire yourself, to Love yourself and Adore! We are what we are, we are born into those conditions in which they were born, and became what I have become! Everyone went his own way… and this is the way valuable it can be judged on the work we have done on ourselves! In 20 we are the clay in your own hands! 38 we have quite a looming piece of his own art! It is very important not to disown him in shame, not to cover the screen, not to hide from yourself, do not be afraid to look the truth in the eye! Amazing and the only true truth: I am what I am! I am what I chose to be! And I love myself for it!”

More than 15 000 subscribers Chekhova agreed with her opinion. “Now you love yourself the way You love your man… And it’s perfect! May this condition will last as long as possible”, “I love you!!! You source for me in which I draw, learn and be filled!!!”, “What You umnichka, that’s what probably attracts people with her energy, good to keep track of Your tape! But how to learn to enjoy myself? I’m Your age… I don’t know… Constantly looking for the flaws, pick your own, no satisfaction in life…”. Someone even suggested Anfisa conduct master classes for insecure women. Experience in public speaking Chekhova enormous and life experience behind shoulders decent, so maybe.

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