Повара Олимпиады готовят еду для бедных

Chefs from different countries, who cook for athletes in Rio, organized a campaign good: they opened the restaurant, where free food to all the needy in the country!

Products for athletes participating in the Olympics, proved to be too much so that the Brazilian chef David Hertz and his colleague from Italy Massimo Bottura decided to treat its dishes not only customers but also all those in need. Later they were joined by chefs from all over the world, and the event turned out good.

Every day, the ability to tightly lunch and dinner at home, come in a specially equipped café. Enough food for everyone. The organizers will provide more than 5 thousand items to choose from.

“We fight hunger and give people the opportunity to eat”, — told reporters David Hertz.

Photos while preparing meals for the needy can be viewed in Instagram under the hashtag #RefettorioGastromotiva.

The Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, the recall will end on August 21. But the project Refettorio Gastromotiva will remain: the café will act according to the principle of “pay for your dinner and give a free dinner for those who have no money for food”.

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