Шеф-повар группы The Rolling Stones завел дружбу с российскими звездами A few years ago, American Jay close moved from America to Russia. The man settled in the Suburban village of Mosnita Solnechnogorsk district, where he soon opened his own cheese factory.
Шеф-повар группы The Rolling Stones завел дружбу с российскими звездами

Rumors about the businessman-the foreigner quickly spread, not only in the surrounding area. To try dairy delicacies attracts people from different cities.

“First, I made cheese only for my family, – says the “StarHit” close. – He loved my son, my wife. Then he treated friends and neighbors. One of them said, “you’ve Got talent! Why don’t you open a cheese factory?” And there was a business… When I came to Russia, the first time it was hard to navigate the terrain. There are many streets that even locals have no idea. Often confused, came to the wrong place. But now it is so much better!”

Over the years spent in the suburbs, Jay’s made a lot of friends. Among them are celebrities.

Шеф-повар группы The Rolling Stones завел дружбу с российскими звездами“I am familiar with Sergey Mazaevym, Bogdan Titomir, Lika Old, Andrey Kobzon, continues the chef. Each of their lives brought under different circumstances. For example, with Bogdan we rented one apartment for two in France, and with Lika met at a social event. I do Russian women considered the best in the world. They are beautiful, responsive, home help, like cleaning… I Have just now in an interruption in Affairs of the heart – I’m divorced. Maybe look at Russian beauties!”

Close frequently invited to conduct master classes at a variety of restaurants, a former chef of the iconic band the Rolling Stones. In recognition of Jay, he is ready not only to teach any culinary art, but also to provide work in their cheese factory. Most importantly, to subordinate respect the bounds of possibility. “I have a vacancy for a “assistant chef,” says the foreigner. – In Russia, it turns out, it’s hard to find a good employee. Some long involved in the process, someone immediately asks for a high salary… But most of all what upsets me is the alcoholism. I don’t drink alcohol, so at work, forbid the boys to drink!”

Jay is not going to stop there. He starred in the Russian TV projects. For example, recently appeared in the show “it’s Time to throw back”, dedicated to the people who left their native countries. There are also plans to close transfer to Russia of their relatives.

“I love this country – says the American. – House store dolls. I like the architecture, the kindness of the people. Love the local cuisine: nettle soup, pancakes, cheesecakes, soup, pies, casserole. With pleasure I cook these dishes! And if you include more Russian music for doing this, for example, rapper Basta, so do still better!”