Find and book tickets online.
The hundreds of agencies and airlines will allow you to save some time. A purchase by credit card or electronic money is cheaper than buying cash in the ticket office.

Plan your trip in advance.
You will have the time to study the route, seasonal trends, and other intricacies of travel. Come to the ticket purchase no later than 2-3 months before departure, when tickets are only be available. Read more about when is the best time to buy airline tickets.

Watch for changes in airfares.
Often it helps to wait a few days before purchasing, to buy plane tickets cheaper. To do this, use the subscribe to price change.

Buy tickets in both parties will be cheaper than booking one way. Often “roundtrip” is the same as a one-way ticket in a similar direction.

Check nearby dates.
Very often the difference in one day gives an impressive discount. The cheapest days to fly — Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tickets to the end of the week or Monday usually much more expensive. Use the convenient tools to search for tickets. For example, a calendar of low prices Aviasales.

Don’t be afraid.. And it’s not just the duration of the trip. For example, flight Moscow – Riga – Oslo can easily be cheaper than a direct flight Moscow – Riga. Airlines will never remind you that in the first case you can just get in Riga. The main thing — do not forget to register the Luggage to the intermediate airport.

Check flights from nearby cities that can be reached by road. So most of the flights from St Petersburg is more expensive than from Moscow or Helsinki.

Look for promotions from airlines. Remember that during the holiday season and high seasons such deals is much smaller. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive weekly the best promotions and sales of the largest airlines in the world.

A calendar of low prices on tickets

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