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E-ticket is, in fact, a regular plane ticket, but only in not so familiar to the traveler. All the data about the flight (passenger information, destinations and so on) are stored in an electronic database, and the passenger gets his hands on the itinerary receipt. Some passengers, buying the ticket online and received the itinerary receipt, surprised by her appearance is a plain sheet of A4 without any additional levels of protection, which published all the information about upcoming flights. However, this is an official document which confirms the contract between the airline and the passenger. When registering for the flight, the passenger must present the itinerary receipt along with a valid identity card(or passport) is exactly the same as standard presenting a paper plane ticket. It is worth noting that the cost of an electronic ticket purchased online, below the paper counterpart and its always easy to recover in case of loss.
The baggage rules of air travel

Before you book your ticket we recommend you check the baggage allowances for the airline You intend to travel.