Charlize Theron with children purchased on the market

Шарлиз Терон с детьми закупается на рынке

Charlize Theron successfully combines a career and family, taking care of every aspect of the education of their children. The star prefers to buy food in large grocery stores, and farmers to purchase organic products on the market. Paparazzi caught Charlize on the market with the children!

Шарлиз Терон с детьми закупается на рынке

Charlize, along with six-year-old son Jackson and three year old daughter Augusta went to look for food on the market in the area of Studio city in Los Angeles. The actress bought a strawberry, spent a lot of time at the tent with bread and pita chips, and then bought the lemonade themselves and their children. Star tried not to catch the eye of the paparazzi and behave very restrained. Theron chose to go on the market in adidas sweatpants and a large sweater. The kids were dressed in sports clothes.

Recall, some sources reported that Charlize Theron and brad pitt romance. They were introduced by ex-boyfriend actor Sean Penn, and others said that contact the couple began in September. However, the star of a different opinion.

Charlize was a guest of the show Ellen DeGeneres, which got a direct question relationships. The actress once said that free and not seeing anyone!

This is despite the fact that even the personal guard brad confirmed the relationship of the stars! Chris Herzog, former bodyguard of the actor, is not bound by a confidentiality contract and can safely tell the “juicy” details of the life of pitt, and in particular the relationship with the Actresses. Radar Online took the bodyguard interview and learned that at least colleagues, close friends, and even “bonuses”. “They’re definitely Dating, but kept it secret until they understand whether their relationship is serious,” says Chris.

Also the star spoke about motherhood. For the film “Tully”, in which the main role was played by Charlize, star has changed beyond recognition not only with the help of professional stylists. The actress has gained more than 20 pounds for the role of a single mother living in one of the provincial cities of America. In the framework of the promotion of the film Charlize attends a television show, and the presenters learn about the real family life of the Oscar-winning actress.

One of the destinations has become a popular “Ellen DeGeneres” in which the actress spoke not only about problems in the relationship between children, but also about motherhood in General. Charlize admits that the role of mothers — it’s not her. “I don’t understand parents with many children and long ago decided that this format does not suit me. I do not blame anyone, because they obviously like that kind of family model. But it is certainly not mine.”

Charlize is raising the daughter of Augustus, and son Jackson. The appearance of the kids in the life of the actress has changed her for the better, but the actress admits that there is still work on the character. “With the advent of children I have become more patient, though in General I’m a very emotional person. But I understand that for the kids I have to restrain myself.”

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