Charlize Theron told how nervous because of their appearance

Шарлиз Терон рассказала, как переживает из-за своей внешности
The actress made an unexpected recognition.

Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron said that the title of the most beautiful Actresses in Hollywood has brought her a lot of trouble.

“Because of this I have lost many roles! — complaining about Charlize. — Disgusting and unprofitable to be in this business, “a pretty face”. By the way, I accepted the role in the sequel of “Snow white…”, precisely because of pouzitelnosti history. Queen Ravenna that I play, despite its beauty, terribly alone. So feisty and such. I’m starting to worry about my daughter, just as I worry for all the girls. Want to understand how I ought to value myself regardless of external data.”

Theron is convinced that beauty is not needed and even harmful in Hollywood for an actress.

“I know what I’m talking about — continues to Charlize. — Turn away from you when it comes to serious roles. Come on trial, and a beautiful kick. I learned the hard way that it is. When I arrived from South Africa to Hollywood, I tried hard to turn into another “cutie”, “baby doll” with a model figure and appearance. Yes, I made a living in the modeling business, but is that a reason to say “no” to me on the samples due to the fact that I’m too pretty? I too often say “no”. It was a two-way process. Perhaps the most egregious example was my participation in the casting of the film “devil’s Advocate”. They have missed through a meat grinder. Or rather, a juicer! The Director kept saying “Well how’s he going to cheat on her, she’s so hot!” I was terribly angry. Since then, I hate tests. Prefer to take the bull by the horns. Catch the event Director, who would like to play, I wedge into a corner and offer their services, or require!”

Full interview with the actress here>>

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