Charlize Theron on racism, foster care, and the role in the film “Tully”

Шарлиз Терон о расизме, воспитании приемных детей и роли в фильме «Талли»

42-year-old Charlize Theron surprised the public, having changed roles in the latest film “Tully”, where fans saw her plumper mother of many children. In an interview with Elle, the actress shared her views on the education of foster children, racism and not only.

Charlize Theron as the mother of a black adopted children, six-year-old Jackson and three-year August, is familiar with the problem of racism. She admitted she will leave US forever, if racial discrimination her children are in danger.

Charlize decided to share a story from childhood when she asked her mother to adopt her a little brother or sister. The actress admitted that didn’t understand why there are so many orphans who do not take in families. “Adoption is for me very important topic. I respect this act. I’ve never seen a difference between raising an adopted child and biologically native, so I don’t feel like I missed something in life,” said the actress.

Acting in the movie “Monster” for which the actress had to gain weight, Charlize didn’t have to attend a grueling workout in the gym and sit on a hard diet to get back in shape. For such a transformation to the role of Wuornos, the actress received a single statuette “Oscar”. After 15 years, Theron had to resort to the same victims, recovered at a dozen pounds, however, this time back in his old form Charlize was much more difficult in connection with age. “When I starred in “Monster”, I was 27 years old and I just stopped for three weeks snacking on the go to return to its former shape. And now weight gain good hit on me. I constantly ate started to eat a lot of carbs and sugar. I have for the first time in my life I was depressed, and return to normal life took a lot of time.”

Charlize, as nobody knows that her acting career requires a lot of mental and physical victims. Theron adheres to the Stanislavsky system. “I’ve never understood actors who are not willing to go through changes for the role. For me the thrill is that you put on the “skin” of another person. I can’t imagine how you could have played this character , not gaining weight and not feeling the tiredness of my character.”