Charlize Theron is not averse to return to the role of Furiosa

Шарлиз Терон не прочь вернуться к роли Фьюриосы

New work of Director George Miller’s “Mad Max: fury Road” has become one of the main Prime last year. A few generating this tape has been in the leading position as “Best film”.

The picture turned out really epic, so consider how the critics with the audience and the actors who performed the main role. But on the question of whether they are ready to return to the performance of their roles, were rejected. In particular, it seemed like a beautiful Charlize Theron.

Oscar-winning star was very convincing in the role of Furiosa, but in numerous interviews more than once said that this role was given it extremely difficult, both physically and mentally.

Much to the surprise of many, the other day at the ComicCon conference in Las Vegas Theron said that I would love to again turned into a bounty hunter.

“I would love her back again on screen. Are you kidding me?” — Charlize replied to the journalists ‘ question about whether it is ready to work again with Miller.

It is noteworthy that this statement has yet answered filmmaker. Will he find a place for Furiosa in the sequel, “Mad max”?

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