Charlize Theron is Dating Gabriel Aubrey

Шарлиз Терон встречается с Габриэлем Обри

Last month Hollywood actress Charlize Theron was seen in the company of the former civil husband of actress Hall berry and the father of her daughter Nala Gabriel Aubry. No one could not think that their communication can go so far. Edition of OK! Magazine reports that the former fiancée of Sean Penn’s Dating a male model.

“Charlize and Gabriel have sympathy to each other. Still too early to say how long renewed their relationship, they don’t want to rush, and certainly don’t want to tell us about your novel the society, but they are a big attraction and communication” — said the insider.
As it became known, the two first met in a Los Angeles school where their children study. Together they attended school events, and after their flirtation has moved into something more.
“They went on dates several times and often talk on the phone. Gabriel does not intend to hurry, and Charlize share his opinion. Its satisfied with the current state of things,” the insider said.
Recall that Aubrey still gets the alimony from the lobby of the berry. After a fight with her ex-husband of the actress, Olivier Martinez, the actress also paid his hospital bills and gym to the father of her daughter was able to return to the podium and at least a little to make himself.