Charlize Theron in new ad of fragrance from Dior: first look

Шарлиз Терон в новой рекламе аромата от Dior: первый взгляд

Charming Charlize Theron once again became the face of the new advertising campaign of the perfume from the fashion house of Dior.

On the official website of the brand in Instagram and published several short clips, in which the actress again appears before us in gold for the sake of advertising eau de toilette J’adore.

In the updated composition of the legendary fragrance includes notes of red orange, sandalwood and neroli.

While we enjoy footage from the future of advertising, Charlize talks about the last film in which she starred, and shared with the media stories about the interaction with Tom hardy in “Mad Max: fury Road”.

As it turned out, actors, who portray opponents in real life do not get along and are unable to find a common language.

According to Theron, hardy was acting inappropriate, however, in what way, the actress did not specify.

“Judging from what I’ve heard, he does not always behave so – I’ve heard that working with him a pleasure. Perhaps all this is due to the fact that in the film, our characters fought with each other – and we also had to fight each other. If we kissed each other, maybe a movie would be ten times worse.”

It should be said that the tense situation on set is not an invention Charlize. The reports that on the set sometimes flashed very real scandals, confirmed the film’s Director George Miller, who suggested that the tensions between the characters has led to the fact that in real life the relationship the protagonists turned out to be as tense.

However, despite the hard work and tensions, enemies Theron and hardy still not parted.

At the end of filming of “Mad max”, how true gentleman, sent to a colleague as a gift the portrait and a note that said: “You are a nightmare, but, nevertheless, wonderful. Even I’ll miss you. With love, Tommy.”

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