Шарлиз Терон: «Мне не нравятся девицы, которые заманивают мужчин в ловушки»
The actress told what, in her opinion, women outnumber men.

Charlize Theron has confessed that since she became a mother of two, agrees to act only in one case.

“I give my consent when I hellishly interesting from the very beginning, literally from the first page of the script, says the actress. When I come to the set, and to do it right flutter and shrink as panic attacks. Excitement, courage — and Yes, a little nervous. Otherwise why leave the children to sleep, torturing my body endless training and master the skills of special forces?”

Namely, this had to go Theron for the filming of the movie “the Explosive blonde”, where she played special agent of British intelligence.

“I don’t like girls who lured men into traps and the lure they have the secrets to using unreal flirting — said Sharon. And I’m not going and would not play a maid. I immediately began to think about his role exactly how to relate to such characters the male actors when they are offered to try the forces in steep militants. I — cool. And that’s it.”

Theron is confident that women are generally cooler guys.

“Well this is obviously so outraged they get better. We are harder, thinner, possess a large stock of techniques and tools that can help in the most dangerous and evil”

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