Charlize Theron has told how he lost 23 kilos

Шарлиз Терон рассказала, как похудела на 23 килограмма
The actress spent on the return to form more than a year.

Шарлиз Терон рассказала, как похудела на 23 килограмма

Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron on set in tragicomedy “Tully”


As told Charlize Theron she
did not expect that shooting tragicomedy “tally”, which the domestic
the audience can see this summer will be so painful. “For this role I at the request of the Director
had to fat by as much as 22 pounds. I wasn’t trying to resist,
I thought that if I get fat really, not with makeup, I can
a better understanding of her character…” — said the actress.

When she
just started to gain weight, as told by Theron, she felt just
well. “Never before have I eaten so much junk food and not drink so much
sweet beverages… for the First three weeks I was just in awe — like a child
caught in the candy store. It was very funny, for example, come in the morning
cafe and drink two huge sweet milkshakes!” — says 42-year-old Charlize.

However, the actress’s joy was short-lived: ”
three weeks later, I ceased to be fun. To absorb an incredible amount of
food became my work, and the work unpleasant and difficult. So, I
set the alarm for two o’clock and, almost without waking up, choking, ate
a bowl of spaghetti with cheese, cooked in the evening and left on the table at
bed. I literally had to force “push” the food,
containing the required amount of calories…”

Later when the shooting ended, a new “torture” — the process
painful slimming, who, against her expectations, dragged on for a very long time and brought it to depression. Charlize sat on a rigid diet, start to work out regularly at the gym. Alas, the results of all efforts, she was brutally disappointed. Case
moved so slowly that she panicked. “Actually, I’m already fat
before her role in “Monster.” However,
it’s been a long time — almost 15 years ago. Then recruited me, the pounds are gone easily
and quickly. And then I had
seek the advice of a doctor. “Are you all right, don’t worry. Just don’t
forget that the metabolism in 42 years you have is not the one that was in
27 years!” — comforted me doctor. Fortunately, he was right. However, a return to previous form it took MS a year and a half.