Шарлиз Терон сменила имидж. Фанаты восприняли неоднозначно

44-year-old Hollywood actress Charlize Theron, known to the General public for roles in “the devil’s Advocate” and “Mad Max”, has published the picture, which the fans it is difficult to know.

Шарлиз Терон сменила имидж. Фанаты восприняли неоднозначно

Days Charlize Theron posted a new photo on his Instagram. The actress is not often spoils fans with details of his life and personal photos, but this time was the exception, because the symbolized her return to the world of “fast & Furious” the world premiere of which is scheduled for 2020.

As previously reported, VIN Diesel, Charlize Theron joined actor caste paintings the fast and the furious 9″ together with another celebrity Helen Mirren. Theron is in the new part will perform again the role of kiberprestupniki Cypher.

If fans are accustomed to seeing Charlize blonde, which for many years does not change his style and hair color, but now it’s different. For the role, the actress has ceased to be blond and cut quads under short Bob. As you can see, in the new part of the villain will be brown hair with light highlights, although “fast and Furious 8” she was the long haired blonde.

The views of subscribers relative of the image of this Charlize Theron broke up. Some noted that the actress looked “like a Queen”, “fire”, “beauty”, the other image not liked, in the comments there was even a sarcastic reference to the seven-year-old son of a celebrity who considers himself a girl. Despite all the comments, one thing is clear objectively is 44 years Charlize looks very young and fresh, regardless of the hairstyle and outfit.

Recall, for seven years, Charlize Theron is a mom to two adopted children: boy Jackson from South Africa and girls from Augusta USA. The last four years, actress son dresses up in dresses and girl’s clothes. This behavior, the actress explained that Jackson himself considers himself a girl, and she like a loving mother, has no right to forcibly change his views.

Yes, I also thought that it was a boy. Until then, until she looked at me when she was three years old, and said, “I’m not a boy!”… That’s it, now I have two beautiful daughters, whom I will protect, like any normal parent. They were born the way they are, and decide for themselves who they want to be. My duty in this case — only to love them and ensure that they have all been well — told Charlize Theron to journalists of the edition “Daily Mail”.


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