Шарлиз Терон флиртовала с коллегой на съемках «Форсажа-8″

The shooting of “fast & Furious 8” for Charlize Theron can be completed a new novel. Colleague actress for the film admitted that he was flirting with her and even took her phone number, so it is possible that this small victory, the emergence of the novel.

Interested in Hollywood beauty native to Africa actor Tyrese Gibson.

“I got her number. With her I was flirting a bit,” Tyreese admitted in an interview with reporters E! News. As Gibson says, now he wants to get closer to beauty through their children, and then move on to something more serious.

“I like cute women who exude confidence,” said the actor, who, incidentally, has a child from a previous marriage. – I like women who when they come into a room, everybody notices. Education, mind, spirit…I can list factors another 45 minutes…”.

We can’t even imagine what this will evolve. Forget your previous Theron boyfriend Sean Penn? Is it ready for a new relationship?

Recall that in the “fast and the Furious-8” Theron plays the villain, which is opposed to the team of VIN Diesel. Gibson is a member of the team. In the “fast and Furious” he’s starting with the second part of the franchise.


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