Charlize Theron criticized their appearance

Шарлиз Терон раскритиковала свою внешность

A native of Africa, Charlize Theron is considered one of the most beautiful Actresses of Hollywood. The face of an angel combined with the model parameters helped Charlize does not go unnoticed. Than she actually now enjoys.

Their appearance Theron owes, but she does not keep her as the Apple of his eye when talking about some of the physical and visual changes for a role.

Which is only the transformation of the actress into a poor prostitute from the “Monster”. For the film, Charlize gained a few dozen pounds and became completely unrecognizable.

Now the victims demanded a new project, Oscar – winning star of “Tully”, where she plays the mother of three children, a crucial to get a babysitter.

And Theron refused.

Updated look of the actress are unable to ignore guests held in Los Angeles, a charity gala evening amfAR’s Inspiration Gala.

Charlize did not appear to emphasize the slender figure in the outfit, are in which we usually see, and in loose black floor-length dress and that jacket. Image selection was very surprised by some of the guests. In particular, Chelsea Handler joked over weight Theron, hinting at the fact that Charlize must really recovered, just decided to.

“Yes, I am very fat,” right replied the actress.

We are confident that this is temporary and the ceremony of “Oscar” Theron return to their original appearance.