Шарлиз Терон и Сет Роген снимут комедию об исполнении желаний

Charlize Theron – the actress is very diverse. In the record of this star are the films in which she had to be strong and weak, funny and touching. In the new project, in which she agreed to participate, Theron will have to show what a woman can do for the realization of their dreams.

Along with Seth Rogen, Charlize will make a Comedy film “Filarski” (Flarsky), where you will learn an unemployed journalist who decides to achieve his childhood dreams, and the former nurse (Theron) who wants to become one of the most powerful women in the world.

The producer of the project involved Theron and Rogen together with Evan Goldberg. Directing duties were assumed by Jonathan Levine (“Warm bodies”).

Start filming is scheduled for autumn 2017, opening date not yet determined.

Earlier we talked about the sacrifices for the sake of the Thriller “the Atomic blonde” had to go Charlize. Spoiler: the actress now walks with prostheses.