Шарлиз Терон и Анджелина Джоли борются за роль в фильме

Hollywood kinobossy, unexpectedly for themselves, quarreled two popular American divas Charlize Theron and angelina Jolie. And all because of the fact that sent both Actresses, the script, suggesting a role in the remake of the cult film, 1935’s “Bride of Frankenstein”. Completely different type of beauties competing for the favor of the producers, and yet, according to leaked information, leading Jolie.

Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie received an offer the same role from the Marvel universe, which is set to launch a new project – a remake of the film “Bride of Frankenstein”. Work is definitely promising. All the blockbusters on this subject are hits at once and took first place chart-topping, bringing a tidy income, both actors and creators.
Representatives of the company have not yet decided who, Charlize or angelina, I want to see in his movie and decided to have a competition between the Actresses. However, they still prefer the ex-wife of brad pitt, but if she refuses, you are ready to take Theron.
As reported by insiders, Angelina Jolie is specifically stalling with the answer, to annoy his colleague and to hold in tension the representatives of Marvel. Now Jolie involved in several projects and trying to find time for “Bride of Frankenstein”. But Charlize Theron for “hesitant” troublemakers Angelina has to give up lucrative offers from other companies. And Charlize can understand, Marvel has prescribed a fee for Actresses $ 20 million.
The situation with the “Bride of Frankenstein” was not the first, when they pushed their foreheads Hollywood divas. Theron and Jolie is already vying for the role in the remake of the movie “murder on the Orient Express”. Then Charlize approved only after Angelina refused.
According to insiders, a beautiful blonde is very worried because of the current conflict. She’s devastated and depressed. Serlis very surprised by the behavior of producers who constantly stir up the rivalry between the Actresses.
Note, not only Angelina Jolie is constantly crossing the road to the blonde. Charlize recently shared the role with flamboyant and languid, Scarlett Johansson. Now both Actresses to have favorites of kinobuss for the shooting of the new blockbuster movie based on the comic book universe of DC “Batgirl”.