Шарлиз Терон о войне между ее детьми на шоу Эллен Дедженерес

Charlize Theron has two black adopted children — six-year-old Jackson and three-year-old August, recently said in an interview. Earlier she spoke about racial discrimination, and now admits that in her house “like a war”.

42-year-old actress visited the show popular TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres, where he spoke about the changes that have occurred in her family. “The last time I was here, August was 1.5 years, and the Jackson five. Before senior could say, “let’s do it”, and the younger easily agreed. Their relationship was so calm, beautiful and delicate, which made me cry every day,” she confessed.

But children grow and change, so now the idyll in the Theron family came to an end. “Now I’m crying for a different reason. My youngest daughter for almost three years, and it ceased along with his older brother. Now in our house every day like a war,” she shared.

Ellen also asked the actress about the film “Tully”, which not long ago was released with Theron in the lead role. For the filming of this picture of Charlize had to gain 20 pounds. “The film focuses on how today is parenthood. For me it’s so weird that now when there is so much information about everything in questions of education still it is a lot of stigma. We just don’t talk about a lot of things, through which parents. But mothers go through it every day, they get pregnant, gain weight, and then they need half a year to lose it. If they fail to do this, they begin to criticize. Accepting the role of the mother of three children, I felt a great responsibility both in personal and in professional terms”, she concluded.

Early Charlize shared a story from childhood when she asked her mother to adopt her a little brother or sister. The actress admitted that didn’t understand why there are so many orphans who do not take in families. “Adoption is for me very important topic. I respect this act. I’ve never seen a difference between raising an adopted child and biologically native, so I don’t feel like I missed something in life,” said the actress.

Acting in the movie “Monster” for which the actress had to gain weight, Charlize didn’t have to attend a grueling workout in the gym and sit on a hard diet to get back in shape. For such a transformation to the role of Wuornos, the actress received a single statuette “Oscar”. After 15 years, Theron had to resort to the same victims, recovered at a dozen pounds, however, this time back in his old form Charlize was much more difficult in connection with age. “When I starred in “Monster”, I was 27 years old and I just stopped for three weeks snacking on the go to return to its former shape. And now weight gain good hit on me. I constantly ate started to eat a lot of carbs and sugar. I have for the first time in my life I was depressed, and return to normal life took a lot of time.”