Charlie sheen’s hiding money from ex-wives

Чарли Шин прячет деньги от бывших жён

Ex-wife of the notorious Hollywood actor Charlie sheen Brooke Mueller, which, moreover, is the mother of his two children, accuses him of concealing assets. The woman is sure: Charlie is still living large, flying private jets and live in opulence in full, while she and the kids are interrupted on bread and water. Their true earnings of Tires, according to Muller, hides, and especially for the court primenyaetsya.

Чарли Шин прячет деньги от бывших жён
Recall that at the time of divorce with Brooke Charlie was the star of the series “Two and a half men” and earned good money (he now remains the star of the TV show, however, is still without salary). Parting with the mother of his twin sons Bob and max, Charlie decided to pay them on a monthly basis for 55 thousand dollars, the same amount received and his previous wife, actress Denise Richards, raising two daughters Bus Lola and Sam. Now, when the actor is in fact unemployed, it reduced benefits for children up to 10, 563 dollars a month. Last month Brooke went to court with a demand to recover from her former spouse 88 thousand dollars, which he owed her and her children.

“Charlie sheen forgot to mention in the court documents, which until last year had a guaranteed monthly income of $ 613421 from participation in profits of the series “Two and a half men,” but in October last year he sold the revenue stream for 26750000 dollars, in fact turning it into an asset. He did it on purpose to bypass support for children and laws on the protection of children.

Charlie continues to say that in Bank accounts he has just 2090000 dollars. At the time, as in court he was crying about his poverty and inability to pay child support, he has many properties around the world, he rides on a private jet and has a huge number of workers. His wasteful lifestyle just doesn’t add up with the image of the poor, in which he is in court. It is obvious that Charlie is not candid with the court” — said in the new lawsuit Brooke. Mueller went to the judge and asks him not to let the Tire “to misrepresent their financial situation” and not to go on about his lawyers, telling about the plight of their client.

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