Charlie sheen will go to court

Чарли Шин снова отправится в суд

Infamous Charlie sheen, a few months ago goroshevsky the public his incurable disease, continues to collect lawsuits. Star of TV series “Two and a half men” will appear in court to answer for its debt to American Express in the amount of 300 thousand.

According to the data, total debt is $ 288 thousand and 8 thousand dollar fine for late payment. Charlie lays all the blame on his Manager, who has not followed the long and time has not paid off.
“I would in your place, he would have pleaded with them” — says Shin, agreeing with his guilt.
We will remind that earlier on Charlie sued the staff of the dental clinic, in which he-nice one before in 2014, and even earlier claims for failure to pay child support, he threw ex-wives Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards. Their ex-spouses Charlie began to pay 10 thousand dollars instead of 50 thousand, which were given to them before, arguing that his income had decreased critically, and that’s all he can afford at the moment
In addition to these troubles, the kicker is also under investigation for having threatened to kill his ex-fiancee Brett Rossi.

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