Charlie sheen was treated for alcohol dependence in parents ‘ house

Чарли Шин лечился от алкогольной зависимости в доме родителей

Three weeks spent in his parents ‘ house Hollywood actor Charlie sheen. The controversial artist, who two years ago announced his HIV status, was treated for alcoholic dependence. On this edition told RadarOnline insider close to the actor.

“The last 2-3 weeks, Charlie went to his parents’ house in Malibu. 24 hours a day with him were the doctors and nurses. His hand was permanently attached dropper, and he demanded Valium and other drugs that would help him to cope with his alcoholism without attacks. Charlie gave vitamin complex to relieve the unpleasant symptoms,” said the insider.
All this time Charlie’s parents supported him. They never had visitors and did not explain what is happening with their son. The journalists ‘ questions, the parents, the Bus don’t give answers.