Charlie sheen wants to do a reality show about his life with HIV

Чарли Шин хочет снять реалити-шоу о своей жизни с ВИЧ

The stepfather of the Kardashian sisters Bruce Jenner from his sex change surgery and subsequent adaptation in a new form in society did a real reality show. Every step now Caitlin Jenner watched by millions of viewers, and the ratings of the show is surprisingly quite high.

In our modern world, what seems abnormal is becoming the norm. So, after Jenner, show your changed life decided Charlie sheen. The star of the sitcom “Two and a half men” is ready to put in your life film crew, in order to show what kind of disease he leads every day. We will remind, last autumn it became clear that the actor is living with HIV.

According to the insider, the actor has already met with several producers, but until the contract with any company is not signed. The informant did not specify whether show to bear educational nature, or is another program where you will earn a lot of money. Note that for the Bus much more interesting would be the second option, because now he is experiencing some financial problems.

Charlie sheen reported that living with HIV, in November 2015. Since then, he has already announced his intention to write a memoir, take a ride with a course of lectures on Europe and appeared in ads for condoms.

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