Charlie sheen threatens to kill ex-fiancée

Чарли Шин грозится убить бывшую невесту

Long have to climb out of the scandals Hollywood actor Charlie Bus. After surfaced his lies about HIV status, which he deliberately hid from their sexual partners, the controversial artist has lost the public trust and no longer looks miserable person who has formed a sad fate. Charlie’s ex-fiancée, porn star Brett Rossi (aka Scottin Ross) has addressed in police with the statement that Tire threatens her with murder.

Чарли Шин грозится убить бывшую невесту

In proof of threats Brett provided an audio recording where a male voice, very similar to the voice of the Bus said the woman, whose identity the editors of Radaronline keeps secret for obvious reasons that he would not pay extortionists and that “for treason Ross will meet with death.” Presumably the actor further stated that it would be nice to “break through Brett’s head” to all ransomware is understood that “joke with him is dangerous.”

We will remind that ex-the bride is the star of the series “Two and a half men” argues that Charlie knew about their HIV status, concealed from them, thus putting her in danger. Given the profession Rossi, the disease could spread exponentially. The actress of films for adults has filed a lawsuit against the Tire, requiring him to considerable monetary compensation. Now given the threats Brett appealed to the court that the Bus was forbidden to approach her. The judge heeded the pleas of frightened women and issued a ban for the next week, it is also possible to renew in the prescribed manner.

Recall also that the Tyres in his interview he assured all that since the terrible diagnosis had only a few sexual partners, and all of them warned about their illness.

“No exceptions?” — asked the leader.

“Without exception,” said Shin.

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