Charlie sheen stopped paying child support to former wives

Чарли Шин перестал платить алименты бывшим жёнам

While one former lover tries to escape from Hollywood actor Charlie sheen, feared for their health and life, the other trying to meet him and collect the money owed. We are talking about ex-wife stars of the series “Two and a half men” Brooke Mueller< /strong>. The woman claims that sheen has stopped paying her child support and owed more than 88 thousand dollars.

Now Brooke will try to return money through court. By the way, money do not receive not only the children of Mueller Tire and six-year-old Bob and Max, but Charlie’s older daughters Sam and Lola born in wedlock with actress Denise Richards.
During the divorce of the actor with Brooke in 2011, it was determined that the Tires will pay monthly child support in the amount of 55 thousand dollars. But then things Charlie were more or less, and now, after his statement about HIV status and a series of scandals, the income of Bus specifically declined. He even went to court with the requirement to reduce owed his children the sum several times. At the time of her divorce from Mueller, the actor starred in the TV series “Two and a half men” and earned 613 thousand dollars a month, and now his monthly income barely exceeds 80 thousand. So he can’t even pay their spouse physically.
So, in March and April, the actor had paid Brooke 10, 563 dollars, and this, according to his lawyers, commensurate with the income of the artist. According to sources close to the Tire, the court sided with the artist, and Mueller will not achieve anything.

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