Чарли Шин рассказал о суицидальных мыслях из-за ВИЧ-диагноза

In the fall of 2015 became aware of the fact that the star of the sitcom “Two and a half men” Charlie sheen is infected with the human immunodeficiency virus(HIV).

Until then, his diagnosis of the Shin knew about four years. Today Charlie is already open to speak about their illness and the emotions that he experienced when he announced.

According to the actor, HIV came to him like a sentence hearing that he wanted to commit suicide.

“The same day, when I was informed about the diagnosis, I wanted to shoot myself. But I was saved by my mother, who at the time was with me and prevented the realization of my plan. I couldn’t do it in front of her or let her find my lifeless body” — says 51-year-old actor.

Now the relation of the Tire to its state is changed. He said that the initial fear he felt has faded into the background, and now he feels a sense of gratitude for what still alive and can help other people by spreading information about the disease and being an example for others.

“I feel very good. I am grateful that now I have the opportunity to help people who faced the same problem as I”, says Shin.