Charlie sheen complained about the madness

Чарли Шин пожаловался на безумие

Hollywood actor Charlie sheen faced with a peculiar side effect of HIV medications – the madness, the attacks which happened to him lately. Edition Daily Mail Online the actor of the series “Two and a half men” said that because of the drugs prescribed by the doctor he was something strange, there were moments when he couldn’t control his actions and then did not remember what had happened. Its as Charlie described as “extreme madness”.

Their HIV status was confirmed Tyre in 2015, and from may last year began to take the drug, which now blames his seizures. Weekly Charlie is forced to take a “cocktail of pills”, and that it acted on him so he didn’t know. Charlie had to change the usual preparations on experimental PRO-140, and now the unpleasant symptoms disappeared.
“It’s impossible fine. I think about how I felt then and how I feel now. Wow. It’s like one moment you are halfway to death, and the next moment you are illuminated by the enlightenment. This is incredible. I’m so glad there is an alternative to conservative treatment.
I was sure stuck in this cocktail forever, but look at me now!” said Tires.
PRO-140 is created from the antibodies and not synthetic chemicals. This is one of the many attempts of scientists to find an alternative to the existing treatment, drugs which have a huge number of side effects. The new drug has already proven itself and is now in the process of legalization.