Ченнинг Татум сыграет русалку в ремейке фильма «Всплеск»

Hollywood actor Channing Tatum tries on an unusual role – he got the role of a mermaid in a remake of the movie “Splash” (“Splash”), the original version of which came into existence in 1984. The ribbon came from the Studio Disney, which has decided to present a well-known film in new forms.

Ченнинг Татум сыграет русалку в ремейке фильма «Всплеск»
The plot of the original film’s lyrical hero, a role which went to Tom Hanks, finds a mermaid. It was played by Daryl Hannah. Among the contenders for the main roles in his time were also Sharon stone, Melanie Griffith, Michelle Pfeiffer, John Travolta, Richard Gere, bill Murray and others. By the way, the movie “Splash” was the first tape of Disney’s adult-oriented audience.

In the new version of mermaid will be male, but the female lead went to Jillian bell. The script of the new film is in the works, but we already know for sure that Channing will remain without a tail.

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