Channing Tatum will arrange a Striptease on stage in Las Vegas

Ченнинг Татум устроит стриптиз на сцене в Лас-Вегасе
The actor is working on creating a show for the ladies”.

Ченнинг Татум устроит стриптиз на сцене в Лас-Вегасе

Channing Tatum


Star of erotic movie “magic Mike” — Channing Tatum decided to make the staging of “exotic dancing” on the stage of Las Vegas
The Hard Rock Cafe. After all, a movie about the company of strippers brought in its
time its creators a handsome profit. Despite the fact that the budget of “magic Mike” made
only $ 7 million, it grossed an impressive amount — more than 160
of millions of dollars. Been enthusiastically received by the audience and the sequel of the film “magic Mike
XXL”, which was released last year. And here
now Channing decided to repeat the success, this time in the form of a stage show.

At Channing, who recently turned 36 years, has rich experience on their chosen theme.
Because before becoming an actor, he began his career as with
stripper. But if we add to that the additional experience gained by Tatum
during the work on both films, it can be considered almost a “Pro”. However, to
much to the disappointment of their countless fans, the actor said that he has not
is going to perform on his show on a regular basis. But Channing will be
Creator, producer and one of the Directors of their offspring. However, perhaps
it still appears several times on stage to please their fans.

Meanwhile, Tatum is busy working on the script
the future of the show. On his page in the social network Channing explained that his
the idea is not only commercial in nature. “The world is full of men
clubs, but the female is much smaller. I want to correct this injustice!” —
said Tatum. According to the actor, he wanted to create a place “where there are
dreams of beautiful ladies”. Moreover, Tatum urged his fans to send him
your suggestions: what they’d like to see in his performance. Time
on completion of the details is more than enough. After all, the show must start more
only in March next year.

Channing Tatum in magic Mike”


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