Channing Tatum spoke about his attitude to sex

Ченнинг Татум рассказал о своем отношении к сексу
A former stripper, I shared.

Channing Tatum with wife


On such a dizzying career as Channing Tatum wants every member of his first profession — a dancer in a strip club. But as it turned out, he would not mind again to go on stage naked. Moreover, Channing believes that many people dream about it, just shy to admit.

“I’m sure many would like to experience this drive — when you go out on stage in front of lots of people, no matter women or men. It’s a weird life, but compared to whose? The life of each of us is full of oddities. I have a friend with one of those past times, we worked together at a strip club, he had, as I engaged in absolutely other things, but sometimes goes on stage… as for me, I might, too, someday will do it again. Anyway, my company has created a show in Las Vegas based on movies about magic Mike. So never say “never”. But I know before appearing in front of public, I, as always, I ask myself a question: “Why the hell am I doing this?” I even before his own wife would not feel comfortable in this outfit. Although I have basically a good relationship with sex. I sex we are great good friends.” Sexual relationships should enrich your personal life. But sex in any way can not and should not be the main condition and the reason most of these relationships. Do not just think that my wife and I have some problems in this area. We’re all good. Sex life and everything. Of course, all belongs to the wife. I can take a NAP, but Jenna sports person, a dancer and it make me to Wake up. (Laughs.) Dancers are generally very friendly to your body. They have a natural sexuality. However, Jenna assures me that I, too, have all these qualities. But seriously, I would just like to say, though shy, believe me, to speak on these topics, that you can not solve family problems in the bedroom. This is wrong.”

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