Channing Tatum mortally offended wife

Ченнинг Татум смертельно обидел жену
Actor brutally made fun of his beloved.

Channing Tatum with wife jenna Dewan


Recently, Channing Tatum, who, like all
thought, loves his wife — actress
Jenna Dewan, repented: he once deliberately drove her to hysteria.

At the time Channing and Dewan was not only
married, but even engaged to be married, had been Dating for about three years. And then one
day Tatum decided to play jenna, for some reason he thought it
will be very funny. “I told her you were going to break up with her. And he added that he did not believe in the institution of marriage
and do not intend ever to marry.

Jenna, hearing this, started to cry so desperately that Channing
was ashamed. And although he hadn’t planned to propose that day, actor
decided to improvise. “I realized that everything turned out just awful. And then, the
actually, I was going to ask her to marry you someday…” he told Tatum.

Since then it’s been 9 years, of
eight Jenna and Channing lived in a legal marriage. During this time Dewan,
which continued to actively act, gave birth to daughter Everly Tatum,
which is now already 4 years. “Marriage changes you and you realize that you need it than
further, the more. And then children are born and it
really changes things once and for all! Of course, in family life, and
cannot always be perfect. Need
only to have the will and desire to solve all the problems…” admitted Channing