Channing Tatum has joined the sequel to “Kingsman”

Ченнинг Татум присоединился к продолжению «Kingsman»

The cast continue spy Comedy “Kingsman” continues to grow.

About his participation in the new film said the star of “magic Mike” Channing Tatum.

On his Twitter page the actor posted this photo with the title future film, which was accompanied by the comment: “I’d get all the “Golden circle” (“Golden circle” — the subtitle of the second part of the film).

Who exactly will play Channing is currently unknown.

Now Tatum has joined Taranu the Egerton, Mark Strong, and (possibly) Colin Firth, which rather put everything back in the picture, to add intrigue and spice.

Earlier it was rumored that actress discusses Julianne Moore and Halle berry. Also in the sequel “Kingsman” may appear Pedro Pascal and Elton John.

The author of the script of the film is Jane Goldman, Director Matthew Vaughn.

The premiere of the spy action Comedy is scheduled for June 2017.

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