Ченнинг Татум и Джесси Джей станцевали медленный танец

Rumors about the affair Channing Tatum, who recently got divorced, and singer Jessie J. the star has not officially confirmed, but everything is absolutely clear. The pair walks together at concerts and Channing sweetheart devotes posts in her instagram profile. What did the actor for his beloved?

In the Internet appeared the video with the Live show Magic Mike Channing Tatum, in which beautiful dancers perform dance numbers of agro. On it my beloved dancing a slow dance.

Recall, six months ago, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced the breakup. The pair started Dating during the filming of the movie “Step up”. But the other day it became known that Channing is moving on. Jenna, it turns out, already knows everything and it is not frustrating. “Jenna knew about this relationship, it was not a surprise. She doesn’t care what he’s doing, just that their daughter Everly, so they both continue to live on,” shared the insider.

Jenna and Channing parted on a pleasant note: the actors promised that they would remain best friends and devoted parents to their daughter Everly. Reported it to the couple in April this year and shocked a statement many fans. Harper’s Bazaar took the actress interview, in which she after two months after the divorce, told about his life.

“I was very happy in the status of wife. But then I began to think about who I am and what I can give to this world. So I really wanted to develop. Now I feel joy, freedom and enthusiasm. And this is a new Chapter in my life. I feel very open and are optimistic,” said she.

A few times the actor was noticed at concerts the singer last week, a user on Twitter claims he saw the couple playing mini Golf on the weekend in Seattle. “Who knew that mini-Golf could be so crazy. Tonight I had to watch as one of my former professors kisses with my fiancé, then my colleague cut his hand, and finally, Jessie j and Channing Tatum came to play a round”, — he wrote.

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