Channel one presenter Roman Budnikov responded to rape charges

Ведущий Первого канала Роман Будников ответил на обвинения в изнасиловании The entertainer has denied involvement in the crime. Previously a resident of Moscow Anastasia said that the alleged affair caused her to provide massage services, and then attacked her during the procedure. The woman also appealed to law enforcement agencies.

Journalists reported that the presenter of the program “Fazenda” of the Novel Budnikova was accused of rape. Muscovite Anastasia claims that the man called her home, she gave him a massage. According to the woman, the TV star allegedly attacked her during the procedure. Anastasia also said that appealed to law enforcement agencies in August last year, but her application was repeatedly transferred from Department to Department.

“StarHit” contacted Roman Budnikov to comment on the situation. The presenter was very surprised by the information that appeared in the Network. He made it clear that it is not true. In addition, Budnikov put forward his version of events.

“That makes no sense. It’s probably a fan,” said the showman “StarHit”.

We will add that Roman Budnikov – known presenter. A channel viewers know him through such programs as “Good morning” and “Fazenda”. In addition, the novel participates in the work on the transfer of “Big people” radio station “Chanson”. In different years Budnikov worked on REN TV, “Capital” and VKT.

It is also interesting that for that year, showman leads the group “Nebuni”, being a professional musician by training. By the way, in one interview, Budnikov said that the guitar is for him a symbol of home comfort. In recent years, a man accompanied by a favorite tool of the brand “Gibson”. Previously, he belonged to Alexander Yagya, the soloist of group “the White eagle”.

A few years ago Budnikov built a cottage and now enjoys spending time in a country house. In 2012, star TV has become the leading “Estate”, succeeding Sergey Kolesnikov. Roman managed to successfully cope with new responsibilities, proving their professionalism.

We also recall that in March the executor of the hit “Chocolate Bunny” by Pierre Narcisse accused of rape. Radio host Marianne Suvorov, said that the figure of show-business allegedly applied to her physical violence. The narcissist denies such information. “Most of what she says, not so,” said the musician in the program “live”. According to Narcisse, Suvorov intends to be glorified through the scandal with his participation. Pierre Narcisse responded to the attacks after the scandal with the rape