Changes to the package of services of the company

Изменения в пакете услуг компании

The company “Almaz-SPb” decided to upgrade and offer several extended services. Traditionally, the main service of the company is diamond drilling, but from now on, it is somewhat divided, depending on what goals the customer. So, below is invited to consider what is new about the company, what changes went to the administration to prepare your potential customers the optimal service.

What’s new and interesting to expect from the company today and tomorrow

So, now that diamond drilling is not just one big service with a plethora of nuances, and is divided into the following processes:

  • Making openings for ventilation, is one of the key areas, which takes into account a lot of nuances;
  • Drilling under the pipelines using diamond technology, which ensures the establishment of lines of communications of high quality and reliability;
  • Study of holes for various purposes by drilling of floors, which is associated with one difficulty — a large thickness of material;
  • Drilling produhi — simple procedure, requiring special equipment, for this reason it and decided to allocate separately;
  • A separate service making holes for subsequent installation of fencing.

However, it can be ordered with diamond cable cutting and even universal drilling, which is relevant in cases when it is impossible to effectively apply a specific method, you need to use all available resources.

All this was done, and in order to give an opportunity for potential customer to determine what he needs for the full implementation of the task, how specific work will help to ensure the necessary holes. Have the opportunity to establish clearly a fixed cost of execution of various items of works, be allowed to rely on arguments when compiling the estimate.

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