Changes to “First”: Ekaterina Andreeva is returned to the program “Time”

Перемены на «Первом»: Екатерина Андреева возвращается в программу «Время»
A well-known speaker will appear in an updated Studio of the First channel tonight.

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Ekaterina Andreeva is returned to the program “Vremya” on channel one. Formally, the presenter never left. In February it became known that Andreev only will no longer tell the audience about the latest news on weekdays, and will appear on air only on weekends. Instead of “Time” began to lead the head of management of information programs of the First channel Cyril Kleymenov. Ten years ago he was a regular presenter of news programs, and is now back to her old ways in order to test the new high-tech Studio.

For the first time on Russian television news anchor can not only read the text, but also interact with graphics, moving around the Studio. This, incidentally, explains the fact that the air appeared Kleimenov. While the rest of the top study a complex system of reference news in Studio updated, it will appear on the air itself.

Initially it was reported that Andreev will appear on the TV screens in the usual time March 18, 2018. However, test Studio and training all leading delayed.

May 8, Kleimenov in the news broadcast, he announced that his work as the lead ends, and unusually said goodbye to the audience: “not until tomorrow. The time has come to say goodbye, because it was a narrative in measured terms. We will not hide, I wanted to entertain you a bit. But there is nothing boring than the protracted entertainment.”

Kleimenov confirmed “Vedomosti” that ceased to be the master of “Time” and now program on weekdays will once again be lead alternately Vitaly Eliseev and Ekaterina Andreeva: “it was planned from the start – I here’s a little work a new news Studio and then back to your day job”.

Recall that Ekaterina Andreeva became the leading program “Time” in 1997. The broadcast in 2018 celebrates 50-year anniversary, and almost half of the period Andreeva is its undisputed leading.